GLASS FULL - Sonoma Index Tribune, July 28, 2017

Holly Hill was a miniature poodle who passed away last April at the ripe age of 16, or a gob-smacking 112 in people years." During her lifetime she brought nothing but joy and happiness to everyone who met her," reports her human pal David Hill.Holly was a certified therapy dog and was trained in senior care facilities and hospitals. But she found her true "calling" working with kids. For several years, Holly could be found afternoons at the Sonoma Valley Regional Library helping youngsters learn to read by listening as they read aloud to her. (True fame came when the I-T did a feature story on the story-loving pooch in 2012.) More recently, she volunteered at a Pets Lifeline summer camp, continuing on in her read-to-a-dog program path. "As a reward for reading to her," writ es David, "Holly would do a short ‘agility’ demonstration for the kids, after which they all gathered around and wanted to give her treats."When Holly died, the Hills and few other neighbors donated to the Pets Lifeline scholarship fund in Holly’s memory."A good example of love coming back to ‘bite you,’" quips David.